Research has shown that up to 80% of a child’s brain develops during the first 5 years of life, setting the stage for the child’s IQ, emotional intelligence and personality development.

Parental involvement during the early years can significantly influence a child’s language development, reading capability, and future academic performance. Up to 50% of a child’s development may be influenced by environmental factors, such as nurture, stimulation and proper nutrition.

Parents play a significant role in a child’s healthy brain development with stimulating activities interacting with their child. Talking, singing, playing and reading to a child are valuable activities that can stimulate brain development process.

However, equally important is to protect infants and young children from the harmful effects of environmental toxins such as lead, pesticides and drugs that can undermine the child’s IQ potential and ability to learn.

Nurturing, providing adequate nutrition and protecting your child from viruses and harmful toxins are fundamentals to early brain development.

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