Thinking Organic


We had Edwin Feist, Chairman and CEO of Advanced Nutritional Technologies, Inc., Vice Chair of Euromed, Chairman of Bausch and Lomb, past Regional Manager of several multinational companies.

He is also an amateur theater performer (think of the dashing Baron Van Trap in Resorts World’s “The Sound of Music” production) and his son Chris at our Bulong Pulungan at the Sofitel for a very informative and “nutritional session.” While feasting on Chinese dishes, he discussed the benefits of a healthy diet with pesticide-free foods, especially starting with babies and toddlers.

Ed gave us a riveting presentation on the medical dangers of ingesting pesticides and genetically-modified organisms from our everyday food. This ravenous use of chemicals and growth hormones by food producers all over the world has been a result of our burgeoning world population. They work with poultry, pigs and cows, vegetables and rice. We get produce that are grown in shorter periods and may even look “better” than those grown the old-fashioned “natural” ways.

Extensive research data and anecdotal evidence have shown that neurotoxic pesticides have been implicated in brain related diseases like ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and autism, as in lower IQs in children. Certain chemicals in pesticides can cause neurons to “misfire”, alter brain architecture and impair the response of brain cell neurons.

So why not go the organic way for your precious babies? Why not indeed? Farming the organic way is happily getting to be popular in the country and while the products are sold a bit more expensive than the non-organic lines, Ed suggests that parents (and grandparents) gravitate towards the organic shelves in supermarkets and even in weekly village “markets.” Make sure that they carry the authorized organic seals by the FDA.

Organic baby milk and foods, for instance, are more nutritious and have higher vitamin C content and antioxidants than commercially produced counterparts. They are also free from maltodextrine, corn syrup solids, and sucrose, being composed purely of lactose.

According also to Ed, it is not that easy to proclaim that your products are indeed from organically grown vegetables or livestock especially in Europe. Your farms have to be inspected and not within areas of non-organic farms, polluted waterways, highways etc. Yes, good, safe nutritional food is serious business!

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